Ounass discount coupon

Ounass discount coupon

About the people shopping site
On December 15, 2016, the Ounass website was inaugurated, which is a digital portal specialized in online shopping that tracks the Al Tayer Group for selling luxury products and includes more than 150 international and local brands selling all kinds of fashion, accessories, all living necessities and household items.


Ounass site is not limited to displaying the finest innovations and providing the highest services at the local level, but has extended its activity to cover the Middle East region, and the site has been activated in Dubai, the capital of elegance and shopping, with an immediate delivery service within two hours only within the United Arab Emirates in addition to the express delivery service in both Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman.


The site offers you all that you want from the various luxurious clothes wrapped in luxury people packaging. The site also provides all the facilities with regard to the exchange and return policy and facilities in payment methods.

Some of the products offered on Ounass store
Ounass provides shoppers with a lot of elegant products, whether for women, men or children, in addition to elegant home accessories, as the Ounass Market consists of a group of basic classifications that facilitate the visitor and make the task of buying easier and simpler as the Ounass store is divided into 3 main sections: -

These sections include the following:

the shoes
Personal care and beauty products
Home Supplies
Corner of modest elegance
Wedding corner
Unass discounts
Online shopping

The Internet has made it easy for everyone, buying all products of all kinds and forms has become a very simple matter for each of us, as many people now prefer to buy what they want through the sellers on the Internet, whatever the required commodity, whether it is clothes, accessories, household items and all that The individual and the family need it, and this trend has strengthened the presence of many local and international companies and brands on the Internet, now you can find all what you need on the Internet, not only that, but you will also find products from different and varied companies that make you choose the right brand and the right price.


Of course, there are many reasons that made people buy through websites on the Internet or a mobile phone application and leave the shops, among these reasons is the ease of purchase, ease of choice and comparison between prices, and in light of the Corona virus crisis, online shopping has become the best solution for buying.


Ounass Company is one of the very distinctive companies in the field of online shopping and buying through the people company. Very comfortable for every woman and man as long as you have an Internet connection, if you are tired, sick, or not in the good mood that allows you to go shopping and walk between the large corridors to find what You are looking for.


You can still buy all what you need easily from the Ounass Company website and get it at your door without incurring any trouble or hardship, and you can also shop with your home clothes while you are sitting on your favorite chair at home or lying on your bed.

What is the concept of discount coupon?

In the field of marketing, a coupon is a ticket or voucher bearing symbols that can be exchanged for a financial discount or a discount when purchasing any product through shopping websites.


Coupons are issued by product manufacturers or by retailers as part of merchandise promotions and coupons are often distributed widely to people using mail services, magazines, newspapers, and through the Internet via newsletters, via e-mail, and via coupon sites, offers and platforms. Social networking and sending messages to customer numbers and other methods.


Coupon codes act as a form of product price discrimination, as brands can offer a price to those consumers who hold these coupons to thank them for their loyalty to the brand and encourage them to buy more with the possibility of a discount.


Coupons can be used by merchants greatly in the event of fierce competition in one of the markets to attract more new customers and maintain old ones.


What is the Ounass coupon?

Ounass discount coupon is a discount code that helps the shopper through the store to get the largest reduction from the value of purchases when shopping.


Ounass store offers many discount coupons on all products from one period to another under many conditions, as each discount code has a certain percentage and others that require that the value of the purchases have a minimum in order for the available discount to be applied.

Delivery policy at Ounass.com

In light of facing the new Corona virus, Ounass takes all precautions for your safety and the safety of our employees.


A specialized team from the company has imposed strict procedures in every step of the process of preparing your requests and delivering them to you by following hygiene protocols so that your health is always a priority for the company.


All orders are in the company's warehouse and are sent directly to the customer, and each order is cleaned upon receipt until it is delivered to you, and the products are only handled using protective gloves.


As for the order delivery process, all shipments are thoroughly cleaned from the inside and outside every day to ensure the highest levels of hygiene. Drivers are provided with disinfectants, face masks and wearing protective gloves when handling any order.


Anas Shopping website ships its products to the Gulf Cooperation Council countries only, and the shipping process to the UAE takes from two hours to 48 hours and is free of charge. As for the shipping period to the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, they are

Saudi Arabia
Sultanate of Oman
During a period of 4 to 6 days.

Return and exchange policy through the Ounass website
General provisions that are applied in the event of return and exchange, provided that the conditions set out below are met, as you can return the product without asking any questions, whatever the reason, within a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of receipt without paying any fees.


In order for you to recover the value of what you have paid, you must return all the products that you have received, including promotional gifts that are distributed free of charge with the orders, with the following conditions being met: -

The products are not used.
The products must be completely intact so that they can be sold in the same condition in which they were received.
The shoes are completely intact, without any damage, and the sole is unaltered.
To be in its complete packaging condition with all labels, price tags and product care instructions attached.
Products cannot be returned to Ounass Store
Cosmetics and makeup.
Skin and hair care products.
Face masks and masks.

Payment methods on Ounass.com

To facilitate the purchase process for all site customers, the site is keen to provide many different payment methods and means, all you have to do is choose the payment method that suits you the most to complete the purchase.


Paiement when recieving .
Credit Cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express.
Checks are not accepted.
Using apple pay.
How to apply Ounass coupon code
Entering the Ounass store.
Select the country you wish to shop from and ship to you.
Select all the products you wish to purchase and put them in the shopping bag.
Go to the shopping bag and make sure it matches what you want.
Put the code in the space provided for it.
Click on Secure Payment.
Enter your complete and correct information.


Congratulations. You have made a successful purchase from Ounass Store

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