Namshi 50 discount coupon

Namshi 50 discount coupon

Shopping at Namshi is a mixture of youthful spirit, fun and originality, where the world of online shopping is unique and unique in the Middle East.

Namshi has become the window from which fashion lovers, especially young people, look at the latest findings of fashion experts, in addition to the great variety of products from the best, finest and most famous brands in addition to the ease of choosing what you want.

Namshi was inaugurated in 2011 and has grown to become a brand with its prestigious position in the world of innovation and creativity, and today it has become the ideal guide for all lovers of the world of fashion and its arts. The diversity of Namshi's products and the international brands it provides has made it the first destination for fashion lovers and their followers everywhere.

Namshi website features

Namshi gives you a constant renewal by offering hundreds of products daily that keep pace with the latest fashion trends.

Namshi offers the best brands, as it contains more than 700 - 800 well-known brands whose names have shone in the fashion world.

Fashion is in your hands, just a click away.

You can shop wherever you are by downloading the app.

The Namshi website contains all brands, whether the brand is local or international, they deliver the latest fashion trends from everywhere to your doorstep.

The electronic movement has spread recently, especially in the field of online shopping. Perhaps what has emerged in this period are the famous sites that have gained wide Arab and international fame. Simply fashion and clothing.

Where the site is distinguished from other websites by being easy to deal with, as it contains several lists to define the search process in a greater way than other sites.

Namshi is distinguished by its specialization, as it specializes in the field of fashion and clothing, which saves you time to spend searching, and also provides modern household tools and decor.

Namshi is not limited to a specific category, but it provides all its services from marketing clothes, accessories, shoes and bags to children, men and women alike.

Once the membership is registered for the first time using the Namshi application, the site has all your data without the need to renew the data or log in every time you log in to the application.

After registering their membership in the Namshi application, members and customers can activate a very important feature, which is receiving notifications for the application, where you can get the latest news that is added and get the best offers by activating the interest feature to follow all developments in all sections.

Members differ from each other in terms of choosing priorities according to their order, there is a group that is interested in the offers, and there are those who care about the most requested clothes and fashions, and there are those who care about the lowest price, and so on. You after every search you perform in the app.

You can browse all sections of the Namshi application and you can find out all the necessary data when entering the product page, whether the product is clothing, shoes or accessories, where you can know the material and configure the outfits from multiple materials, available colors and available sizes so that you can choose between multiple brands to find what you want easily and with simple steps .

You can close the application at any time for your special circumstances and return to the same page again where you can through the Namshi application to save to your membership favorites, which enables you to easily return again to the products that you were browsing before.

You can check your purchases through the Namshi app, as you can know the number of product views to see how well the offered product is in terms of popularity.

You can share any product with your friends through multiple social media sites using the Namshi app easily and easily to take opinions and form an idea about the product.

One of the most important features of the Namshi application, especially within the Arab world, is that shipping is free for countries that follow the Arab Gulf, and shipping to UAE customers is within a day.

You can download the Namshi application from the stores for free without any charges for downloading, whatever the type of phone, in addition to the fact that the application does not occupy a large space on the phone.
What is the discount coupon?
In marketing, a coupon is a ticket or voucher with codes that can be exchanged for a financial discount or a discount when purchasing any product.

Coupons are usually issued by product manufacturers or online stores as part of merchandise promotions.

Coupons are often distributed widely to people using mail services, magazines, newspapers, and over the Internet via e-mail, coupon sites, social media platforms, or by sending letters to customer numbers.

Coupon codes act as a form of price discrimination as brands and online stores can offer a price only to those consumers who hold these coupons to thank them for their loyalty to the brand and encourage them to buy more products.

Coupons can be widely used by online stores in the event of fierce competition in one of the markets to attract more new customers and retain old ones.
Namshi 50 discount coupon
When shopping through the Namshi store, you will enjoy the best offers and discounts on the best international fashion, as the store provides a range of great offers and discounts on all fashion products available within the store.

In addition to providing many discount coupons and exclusive discount codes, which provide a great discount on the value of the purchase process, you can use the Namshi discount coupon inside the shopping bag and you will get an immediate discount on the value of purchases from the store.

The Namshi discount coupon is one of the things that a lot searches for on the Internet when shopping, and it is one of the most important factors that help Namshi get a lot of visitors and thus complete many successful sales from everywhere around the world.


How to activate the Namshi coupon code

Entering the Namshi store.
Choose your country of residence.
Select all the products you wish to purchase and put them in the shopping bag.
Go to the shopping bag and make sure it matches what you want.
Put the code in the space provided for it.
Click on Secure Payment.
Enter your complete and correct information.


How to pay when shopping at Namshi

Credit card
Safe payment is by using a credit card, as the site guarantees that your credit card number is protected thanks to the latest electronic encryption technologies, and Namshi guarantees a safe shopping experience. They accept credit cards of the type of Visa and MasterCard and when you pay with a credit card, no additional fees are added, as you can Saving your credit card information on the "My Account" page, which saves you time and ensures a faster payment process next time.
Pay with PayPal
At Namshi, you can pay via PayPal. All you have to do is choose PayPal as a payment method, after entering your personal information and clicking on “Buy Now”. You will then be redirected to your PayPal account, where you will find a display of all the data related to the purchase and your card information. Your credit or discount coupon card, if any, and your address details and the products you wish to purchase, if you click on "Pay Now", the amount will be transferred to Namshi, and if you do not click on "Pay Now" within 30 minutes, your order will be canceled immediately.
Pay with Apple Pay
The Apple Pay payment system is currently only available in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
Pay cash on delivery
Namshi accepts cash payment upon receipt of purchases, as an alternative method of payment using credit card if the value of the purchases is less than 500 US dollars for the Gulf countries, and 2000 Saudi riyals for Saudi Arabia. As for the UAE, it is possible to pay cash on receipt of whatever the value of the purchases.

Where you can pay cash as soon as you receive your order from the delivery company's representative, and given that providing this service to customers entails an additional cost by the shipping company, so shipping fees are added to any order, regardless of the number of products that this order contains.
Exchange and refund policy
Namshi gives its customers a 14-day period to return or exchange products from the date the product was received.
Terms of exchange and return
The products are not used.
The products must be completely intact so that they can be sold in the same condition in which they were received.
The shoes are completely intact, without any damage, and the sole is unaltered.
To be in its complete packaging condition with all labels and price tags inside the packages in which they were shipped.

The sooner you report your desire to start the process of exchange and return, the better, as the shipping company’s representative will come to your doorstep at a time that suits you.

Most of the returns are made within two working days after the product is delivered to the representative of the shipping company. The site will work to return the amount as an electronic balance on your account.


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