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There are many branches that have spread all over the world. Among its most famous branches in the Arab world is the Saudi branch, which is located in the capital in Riyadh, as well as in Makkah, sports, and all Saudi cities, where there may be much sportswear with a distinctive mark.



Adidas branches


There are many branches of Adidas around the world, including the Saudi Adidas branch, and the branches are spread in the capital, Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah, and all Saudi cities.
And the Saudi store may be considered one of the stores that have strong demand from customers of almost all nationalities, and the Riyadh branch and the grandfather branch may be considered one of the largest companies in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world
Also, there are many branches that have a website to be their own in order to communicate with the administration easily.
You can also easily shop online and know all products and their prices.
You can also buy through corporate websites, and you can pay money by credit card, and it may be delivered to your home at any time and anywhere you want.


Adidas Saudi Arabia for children

One of the most famous products for Adidas, especially the important Saudi Adidas, that the company attacks with it, products for children of all ages, there are a lot of clothes and sports shoes.
It may be very distinct and also the accessory that is especially for children of all tastes, whether boys or girls, and it has high quality and a very comfortable material for children's skin.

There are also sports clothes for swimming, football, and basketball for adult children and are suitable for children, whether girls or boys, at premium prices and very comfortable materials.

Adidas the original Saudi

As there are many different branches of Saudi Adidas, and there are websites for Saudi Adidas to shop and buy many products that are of high quality in terms of manufacturing.

There are many offers and discounts and may reach 80% on many products, as Saudi Adidas company may provide the best products at the cheapest prices.

Adidas quality

All shoes, clothes, and accessories have terrible durability and durability, whether they are for women or men. As this quality is known internationally as one of the best and best in the whole world as its prices may be very cheap in relation to its quality and durability.

Saudi Adidas shoes and price


Adidas shoes are characterized by high quality and durability, including shoes that have been specially made for running, such as LED Star Control 5 and Supernova Control 10.
All prices for Saudi Adidas products, especially shoes, are characterized by high flexibility to find prices that may be different, but in fact, they may suit all groups, all tastes, and also all ages.
There are also shoes that may be comfortable for the elderly because they may be medicinal, so they are comfortable and fit them.
Also, the sportswear that is issued to the distinguished teams.
Such as Russia, Germany, Mexico, and others, in order to attend important and international matches with them, which may not be at an expensive price, but at medium and comfortable prices.


Saudi Adidas Yeezy Post Group


One of the most distinguished groups that were launched by the Saudi Adidas company is the Adidas Yesoy Post Group, which is a group that has garnered great admiration from all followers.
Because it has a special distinction and passion for it, and its shape may be of wonderful high quality and high quality.
In addition, this group has a variety of tastes and may suit all ages and all groups, as well as different according to the climate.
It also has many uses, whether in sports or in public life, in terms of shoes, accessories, bags, and clothes.

Special offers for Saudi Adidas

Adidas Saudi Arabia may also offer many special offers on all shoes through the official Adidas Saudi website.
The company also offers bags and many products, and those can be monitored constantly to get the best products at the lowest prices.

Adidas and how to create it

Adidas is one of the largest and most famous sportswear companies with its headquarters in Germany.
It is considered one of the well-known brands and covers all sports clothes, including shoes, shirts, bags, as well as watches, glasses, and all sports clothes.

Adidas ranks first

Adidas is one of the companies that may rank first in the entire sportswear industry in Europe.
It is also ranked second in Europe, the US competitor, Nike.
And the designs of that company of clothes and shoes may be distinctive and of distinctive materials and high quality.

It also has three parallel lines, and it is the official logo of Adidas today.

What revenue is Adidas

Adidas has previously reported revenue of 10.799 billion euros.
Its revenues may currently reach 14.3 billion dollars.
Also, Adidas may own about 1,200 factories around the world and have branches in more than 65 countries, meaning it may employ more than 770,000 workers.
It has agreed and signed partnerships with football clubs such as Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Manchester United.
It may also involve participation with the most important football players such as Lionel Messi, Paul Bouffay, and Mesut Ozil.


Adidas Saudi branch

Adidas branch in Saudi Arabia is one of the most important branches in the Arab world, and it may be the largest as well.
And originally it was only a German company and was founded by Adolf Dassler and his brother, but their products began to impress people very much for their shape, strength, and also quality of the products.
This led to the opening of the largest factory for sports shoes, and then the start of the opening of the remaining factories, which are considered among the largest factories in the Arab and Western world.
Each of the brothers separated and each of them started to open their own business as Adolf started to establish and enlarge Adidas company while his brother started to establish the famous Puma company.
And taking the three parallel lines as a symbol for the company, which is a symbol that expresses the goals that he wants to achieve, but after his death, the company was transferred to many people and became one of the first companies in the entire world and separate to several other companies such as Taylor and York.

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